Why do so many people hate on Kiersey? We’ll tell you why, they’re jealous that she’s had some opportunities that others haven’t and never will have. She has talked to Justin Bieber, many times, and has even gone on a double date with him, why people spread rumors about her, we don’t know.

Kiersey is really nice and really pretty and we think her and Justin should still be friends or more and not pay attention to what everyone else says about her.

We’ve read other blogs that just trash Kiersey, but why? They all say that she’s a slut and that it’s funny that Justin blocked her on Twitter, or something… Sorry, but we don’t think you’d think it was funny, and we don’t think he did, considering she just tweeted him the other day. Why would you tweet someone you know blocked you?

Also, we’ve heard people say that her not liking Justin is just an act to get over how she “ruined” her chances with him. Sorry, we didn’t realize that once you’re a fan you are a fan for life. You know, people don’t stay liking one thing forever. If you’re a girl, we bet you liked Barbies when you were younger… Do you still like them? Nope. When you’re older you’re not gonna still be a fan of Justin Bieber, you may not agree with this now, but it’s a fact. Get over it.

Kiersey, we’re proud of you. You’re not like the other girls that have bad things said about them and delete your Twitter in a second. We’re sorry that so much has been said about you, you don’t deserve it.